This week alone we have seen a rise in the number of enquiries and repairs coming into our store, and they all have one thing in common….

“My mate replaced the screen for me, but now it’s not working right”

The trouble with these scenarios is that we do not know exactly what has been done during the attempted repair.  As such they may of shorted out components, missed out vital screws, even mislaid individual parts.  Electrostatic precautions are very rarely ever taken with home and small outlet repair centres – logic board damage is so easy in these

So how do we claim to know what we are doing?  Well firstly we have had training in our designated repair area.  Secondly we have undertaken hundreds of repairs of the same nature, and yes, occasionally things may go wrong (we are only human), but more importantly we know how to put it right.  It’s all too easy to go to YouTube, watch a quick video on how to replace the touchscreen on your iPad, but then when it comes down to it, you slice through the cables that they failed to mention, don’t clean up the old adhesive, and generally make a total mess of it.  Really is it worth it?  You might save a few £££’s, but more often than not, you end up taking it to a specialist and it costs you as much, if not more, than if you had taken it there in the first place.

So before it sounds like a deal of the century, ask yourself this:  are they qualified, have they done it before, do you have any records of satisfaction – do they tick all the boxes and come recommended?  If in doubt, check them out.

Of course, to save you the hassle, bring in all your mobile and tablet devices to PC Clinic to be repaired by a trained & experienced specialist.