Whilst many businesses big and small actually care about their customers, and wish to maintain integrity at all times, there are some out there who do not care one little bit. Read our story below and the message that follows:

Recently, we sent a couple of devices to a new repairer that had big claims that he was much better than our current reputable London based firm.  The problems we were having with the devices meant that on this occasion  we couldn’t repair them.  We did a few checks and all appeared to be good.  Positive feedback on eBay and a fair few good words to say about himself.  We had sent several devices to them for repair, receiving them back having been repaired successfully.  Our most recent batch of faulty devices sent to them were a little more complex, and also if repairable, had a greater value in working condition. 8 weeks later after sending them, we are now counting the cost of someone’s lack of integrity.

After unsuccessfully trying to get our devices back (countless attempted calls and emails over 2 weeks), we involved the Police and local recovery firms to continue the process.  Eventually we managed to get our items back following a payment for “successful” repairs being done to the devices.  We had been told by email that the repairs had been done and the devices were now working, so we duly paid for those repairs.  It wasn’t until this morning that we found out that no repairs have been done, and that we have been taken for one rather long ride…..

Counting the cost of this, Recovery Fee’s, attempted shipping costs, and money given against so called repairs – we are now out of pocket.

Our message to those considering sending away your broken devices, especially laptops, tablets and mobile phones.  Are you sure you want to do this?  With a greater risk of never getting your device back, is it really worth it.  99% of our repairs are done in-house.  If we ever send anything away we always use the same two established businesses with Nationwide presence and a good history over the last 3 years.

Never again will we be put in this situation again.  We have learnt a big lesson here, and we hope that our future prospective customers can take something from this story and ensure that they get a reputable repairer to get their broken devices working again.

Typical examples include iPhone and iPad repairs.  Sometimes advertised at a very cheap price.  May well be legitimate, but very often if something sounds too cheap to be true, it usually is.  Whilst we may not always be the cheapest around, but we are an established business with premises and insurance.  We have a great reputation in and around the local area, and we aim to keep it that way.

GET YOUR REPAIRS DONE BY US IN CONFIDENCE.  Just this week alone we have turned around a handful of iPad’s and iPod’s, now repaired and safely awaiting customer collection – can you be sure this will happen if you send yours by mail?