“Experience the Virtual Reality world beyond your imagination….”

The world of Virtual Reality is growing at a rapid rate, and with more developers coding games for VR support there has never been a better time to buy.  We are able to offer demonstrations for those who would like to see how immersive VR gaming is, but also give you an opportunity to discuss upgrades and VR Ready systems which we offer at PC Clinic.

If you are interested in a VR demonstration please complete the booking form details below, and take care to note our terms below.

We have set out a few guidelines and terms which need to be strictly adhered to:

  • No under 18’s without parent/guardian present.   Proof of ID may be required.
  • Minimum age for demo is 13 years of age.  Proof of ID may be required, or refusal if we believe the child does not meet age requirements.
  • Strictly no groups allowed as we do not have the space in our shop.
  • Games available will be limited based on age.
  • You will be using our HTC Vive in our upstairs Gaming Zone showroom, it is vital that you remember we are a computer store open to the public, and you respect the surroundings.
  • We have allocated 1 hour slots so that we have flexibility around our customers that may already be in our store.  The actual demonstration will last approximately 15 minutes, which will also depend on time constraints and how busy we are.
  • Participation is done so at own risk, if VR causes stability issues, remove the headset immediately. You will be liable for any damage to our equipment and/or surroundings (including products).  Our Vive has been setup so that it displays a boundary grid, known as Chaperone Bounds, and you need to remain in this area to stay safe.
  • VR is highly immersive, so do try to remember that it isn’t REAL.  So swinging controllers about and making giant leaps will not be permitted.  Our VR trained Technician’s will be on hand to assist should you encounter any difficulties.
  • Our staff will help you get setup and guide you through your gameplay.
  • We reserve the right to end or pause the demonstration if required.
  • During your demonstration your gameplay may be recorded and photo/video footage be taken for use in our marketing.  Please let us know if you would NOT like this to happen.
  • Your details will be retained on our system for future marketing purposes.
  • We reserve the right to decline a demonstration if we are short staffed.  You would be invited back for a further demonstration.

Range of PC gaming hardware including peripherals, motherboards, graphics cards, cases and more.
Vive demonstration area and gaming PC live demo – all upstairs in the Gaming Zone @ PC Clinic.

We are in no way affiliated with HTC Vive, and we are not an official outlet for demonstrations.