• In a struggle and you cannot get to us?
  • Computer too bulky to bring it in?
  • You’re hoping that you’ve just done something wrong, and it might be a quick fix?


Look no further and let our technicians have a look at your system remotely.  With prices starting from £9.99 for support, we can usually help you out in a few clicks.  Please bear in mind though that we do run a busy store, and it might not always be convenient to deal with your problem remotely – as such it may require you to pop it in to us for further work.  We proudly use GoToAssist by Citrix to power our remote sessions – industry leading software, used by the big support companies and secure too.


For details and to discuss if we can help you remotely, please call 01530 888323.  If we are able to assist, we will talk you through the process – however it really is very simple indeed:

Click the button below, then your browser will prompt you to download a file called GoToAssist Launcher.  This is perfectly safe, so please choose RUN.

This will open the GoToAssist control software which will ask you for your name, and then a special unique Support Key.  Our technicians can supply you with this key, then click continue.  This will then load the connection between you and us.

You can stop screen sharing at any time, use the chat feature and terminate the connection entirely from the control box usually in the bottom right corner of your screen. If nothing happens, please call our Technician’s to discuss.

Yes please HELP me remotely!


** If you have any Internet Security software on your system, it will most likely pop up and prompt you to allow the software to run.  Please ensure you click Yes/OK/Allow on the pop up box **

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