Recycling Services

Here at PC Clinic we are able to make good use of your unwanted computer electrical items.  We are fully registered and compliant with the latest WEEE directives, which governs the way that electronic waste is handled, whether that be scrapping or refurbishing.

3d small people with a recycling symbolAll systems that come into us have their data wiped, and we erase the drives using a wiping process which eliminates any possibility of the drives having confidential data recovered from them.  If the drive is faulty, we physically destroy these beyond use, prior to them being recycled.  If we can re-use any parts, or make use of an entire system, then we will refurbish them accordingly for resale.  We are Registered Microsoft Refurbishers and this allows us to keep more systems away from the scrap pile, and back into good use.  So please if you have any PC towers, laptops or monitors (not the older CRT ones) that you no longer require, please bring them in to us.  You will receive a receipt to confirm that you have handed them over to us for recycling, and if the system is reasonably good we may even be able to offer you something back for it.

We are licenced to offer this service.  Our Hazardous Waste Registration Number is OIB137 – PC Clinic Technologies Ltd.