Q:  What happens if you cannot fix my device?

A:  As a rule, we operate a No Fix No Fee policy.  So if we cannot repair your device, we do not charge you.  However, if we do have a solution but you choose not to go ahead, then there will be a diagnostic charge applied.  In some circumstances such as mobile/tablet device repair, we discuss with you our fixed diagnostic rates before we go any further – in many cases this is to cover our time spent on a situation which could have little success such as liquid damage etc.


Q:  Do you charge an hourly rate?  Am I likely to get a surprise bill at the end of the repair?

A:  No we do not charge by the hour.  This is an unfair method, as although your device is with us for repair, we are able to work on several at once – so time logging per repair is difficult.  We operate on a range of set prices, and a maximum flat rate charge for repairs.  So even if your device takes much longer to get fixed, you do not pay more.  We always discuss our prices and your budgets when you book in a repair – no nasty surprises from us!


Q:  How secure is my device and it’s data?

A:  We are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, and we will only access your data if you instruct us to do so, e.g. if you need us to back it up or you have corrupt files which need investigating/recovering.  We do not allow people other than the staff here to work on your machines (unless a Third Party repair is agreed), so your data is in safe hands.  Our store and workshop is protected by a Police Response alarm system, with CCTV within the store and on the perimeter, for your peace of mind and security.  Full details of our GDPR Compliance can be downloaded here


Q:  I use my device daily, I need it fixing quickly?

A:  We treat all our repairs with the same level of priority (unless you are a Protect Plus Platinum customer), and  we appreciate your need to have the device back as soon as possible.  Typically our repairs take an average of 3-5 days, some are dealt with the same day, others even over the counter when you visit.  Parts may be required and this can extend the duration of your repair time – whilst we try to get them to our workshop asap, deliveries of parts to us is totally out of our control.  We are very thorough with our laptop and PC repairs and we ensure that all the latest updates are done on your system (this alone can take a day or so) – it saves you having the hassle when you get it back, and also reduces the likelyhood of further problems arising from update issues.
We endeavour to repair a mobile phone on the day it is brought into us (if early in the morning and parts are in stock).  Tablets and other electronic devices may take longer due to their complex nature and times taken to complete the repair to a high standard (screen bonding overnight etc).


Q:  You’ve answered all my questions, what do I need to bring in with me when I get my device repaired by you?

A:  With PC towers, just bring in the base unit itself.  No need for leads etc, unless you have problems which may be a result of a keyboard/mouse issue.  With laptops all we need is the laptop mains supply and the laptop itself.  We do not keep bags here as it can cause us more of a headache.  With electronic repairs, please bring in any dedicated power supplies (unless kettle or fig 8 connection) and peripherals to assist us with a speedy repair.  With mobile phones and tablets we just need the devices.  If for any reason you have a power/charging related issue, please also bring in your plug and leads for us to test.  External Hard Drives are useful to us if there looks to be a possibility for data backup, or recovery – if you do not have one you would be invited to buy one from us if needed.  If in doubt, just give us a call first, we don’t mind!


If you have any other questions, please ask us, either via a quick call or email.