Our Team

It’s always nice to know who your dealing with when working with a small local business, so here is a little bit about us.


Key Staff who you’ll see most days in the store:

Name: Phil Barnfield

Position: Managing Director

Key Role: Overseeing business, admin, mobile/tablet/electronic repairs, customer service and call outs

Length of Service: too long! since company was born in 2008

Likes & Hobbies: Liverpool FC, spending time with family, PC gaming, Photography, Design

PC or Mac?: PC for gaming, Mac for productivity and design – although mostly PC!

Own Computers: Custom watercooled Intel i7 6770K, Gigabyte Gaming 7 z170X, AMD 290x / Dell XPS 13, i7 / iPad Pro

Name: Kyle Chisnall

Position: Technical Director

Key Role: PC and laptop repair, business admin, gaming expert, customer service

Length of Service: started helping in 2010,  director in 2011

Likes & Hobbies: New Zealand Rugby, PC gaming, watching TV shows, martial arts, aviation

PC or Mac?: PC of course…. err Apple! Mac Mini is OK

Own Computers: Custom watercooled Intel i7 6770K, Gigabyte Gaming 7 z170X, couple of AMD 290x / iPad Pro

Support Staff who you may bump into at the shop from time to time:

Name: Kaleigh Chisnall

Position: Administrator

Key Role: Helping Phil with the admin and accounts

Length of Service: since my husband Kyle became a director

Likes & Hobbies: annoying Kyle and looking after the kids

PC or Mac?: PC

Own Computers: Intel Extreme i7 with R280 / Lenovo Laptop


Name: Sergei

Position: Customer Service Advisor

Key Role: Smiling at customers and making them laugh

Length of Service: Since I was adopted early 2014

Likes & Hobbies: Mealworms

PC or Mac?: I honestly have no preference

Own Computers: Some old thing, but Baby Oleg takes over it daily