Our parent company, PC Clinic Technologies Limited (formerly Kapture IT Ltd) was formed back in 2008 to provide IT services and intelligent CCTV systems to businesses. With the ongoing recession, we were forced to take evasive action by going back to what we knew best – opening up a repair and sales centre in a location that had no support of it’s kind.

PC Clinic was created in the market town of Ashby De La Zouch. Our new premises have facilities for us to perform repairs along with sales of various IT hardware and software. Our technicians are professionals who have a combined total of over 35 years of support experience in the field of Information Technology.  Our business and services are growing annually, and our new larger store has allowed us to expand and take on more in-house repairs than ever before.

We are Ashby’s longest serving and established repair centre for computers, laptops, phones, tablets and Apple Mac devices.  We are proud to be fully endorsed by Which? Trusted Trader scheme, recognising our reputability and attention to customer satisfaction.  To become endorsed by Which? we had to pass a stringent assessment process which is reviewed annually to ensure we are delivering to our customers – not just anyone can join this elite group!

To join with the Which? Trusted Trader scheme we had to pass 3 hours of scrutiny, which included assessments on our financial standing, procedures that we follow, customer references, trading history – all done in person at our premises by a qualified Trading Standards officer.  They have checked out what we do, ensured our terms and procedures are fully compliant and up to date, and also give our customers the support of their ombudsman service should they need it.

You can view our profile on the Which? Trusted Trader website.  If you have received great service from us, please feel free to submit a review to them and share your experiences.

Our technicians are trained and certified by CompTIA and are qualified to work on your computer systems, many self acclaimed technicians do not even posses this certification, so why trust them over US? Additional training and certification also comes from our Intel Technology Provider status, along with our network specialist having been trained by Cisco Systems.

We are partnered with some of the best brands in the industry, including Gigabyte, Cooler Master, Intel, Microsoft and AMD to name a few.  This puts us in a great position for offering a quality sales based service, with backup from our partner services.  Regular training and showcasing also keeps us up to date with the latest technology advances and standards.

All repair work at PC Clinic is done responsibly in a controlled environment, with all necessary precautions taken.  Our workshop is an ESD controlled area, with specialist intensive repair areas located within the workshop for electronic and mobile device repair.

In line with common sense practice, and also our endorsement by Which? Trusted Traders, we are fully insured for your peace of mind.  Standard business PL insured, Professional Indemnity insured and covered for your items left in our possession whilst work is undertaken.

Located at the top of Market Street we have limited on-street parking nearby, but if you access our gated courtyard from North Street (where the leisure centre, museum and Ivanhoe College are based) you can find space to park at the rear of our store whilst you pop in and see us.  No hassle trying to find a space in the town!  There is even a drop off area near the rear access gate making it easier to get to us with big heavy desktop computers.  If for any reason the gate is closed, give us a call.

Phil Barnfield

Phil Barnfield

Managing Director

Key Role: Overseeing business, admin, mobile/tablet/electronic repairs, customer service and call outs

Length of Service: too long! since company was born in 2008

Likes & Hobbies: Liverpool FC, spending time with family, PC gaming, Photography, Design

PC or Mac?: PC for gaming, Mac for productivity and design – although mostly PC!

Own Computers: Custom Watercooled Intel i7 8700k, Aorus z370 Gaming 7, GTX 1080Ti / Dell XPS 13 / iPad Pro

Kyle Chisnall

Kyle Chisnall

Technical Director

Key Role: PC and laptop repair, business admin, gaming expert, customer service

Length of Service: started helping in 2010,  director in 2011

Likes & Hobbies: New Zealand Rugby, PC gaming, watching TV shows, martial arts, aviation

PC or Mac?: PC of course…. err Apple! Mac Mini is OK

Own Computers: Custom watercooled Intel i7 6770K, Gigabyte Gaming 7 z170X, couple of AMD 290x / iPad Pro

Tom Woodward

Tom Woodward


Key Role: PC and laptop repair, customer service, making a brew

Length of Service: started in 2017 part time after doing the odd weekend here and there

Likes & Hobbies: TBC

PC or Mac?: TBC

Own Computers: TBC

Kaleigh Chisnall

Kaleigh Chisnall

Accounts Manager

Key Role: Helping Phil with the admin and accounts

Length of Service: since my husband Kyle became a director

Likes & Hobbies: annoying Kyle, looking after the kids and drinking gin!

PC or Mac?: PC

Own Computers: Intel Extreme i7 with R280 / Lenovo Laptop



Customer Service Advisor

Key Role: Smiling at customers and making them laugh

Length of Service: Since I was adopted early 2014

Likes & Hobbies: Mealworms

PC or Mac?: I honestly have no preference, prefer the ‘ThingyMaBob’

Own Computers: Some old thing, but Baby Oleg takes over it daily

Next time you visit, see if you can spot Sergei.  He keeps an eye on everything that goes on in the shop!